About Little Friends

Little Friends School was established in 1990 as a pre-primary school. We understood the need for a good school genuinely interested in furthering the great social cause for imparting meaningful education. Parents would be only too happy to send their wards to school in the same locality which will provide a safe and secure environment and now, we can confidently say that after 28 years of experience we are providing the same. The Little Friends “are the crowd that will make you proud!”

School should be a place where all children grow not only in size or knowledge but in curiosity, courage, confidence, independence and understanding. School is a vital connection between education and the future of the society where children “ enter to learn and leave to share.”

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." Albert Einstein

There is a direct link between education, national development and prosperity which can be possible only when education is properly organized. It is the main responsibility of schools to provide a system which will prepare citizens with the knowledge, skills and values, focusing on social virtues, intellectual development and practical skills, essential for the creation and stabilization of social order. The management and staff of Little Friends School are a team of persons committed to social service and hard, honest work. The stress is on good learning environment which will speed up the learning process effortlessly.

Make This World A Better Place Where Kindness Matters!


Mrs. Meenakshi Shukla      



Ms. Pratima Singh      

(Hindi Teacher)


Ms Rashi Kulshreshtra      

(Class 4 Teacher)


Ms Shalini Saxena       

(Class 3)




Vishesh Khand-4,Gomti Nagar


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